My name is Panagiotis (Παναγιώτης, IPA: [panaˈʝotis]) and I’m a DPhil student at Oxford University studying in the area of Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems, under the supervision of Dr. Yarin Gal (OATML). I am interested in applied and theoretical cybernetics, autonomous and intelligent natural and artificial systems, generative and algorithmic design.

In past life, I worked as ML engineer for companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, Brave and co-run my own startup Filisia, a company specialized in special-education technology.

Panagiotis Tigas

Research Interests

My research focuses on designing complex intelligent systems covering learning and planning under uncertainty. My work is inspired by cognitive science (e.g. theory of mind), philosophy (Heidegger, Lacan, Bayes, Wittgenstein, David Lewis), biology (Maturana's theory of Living Systems, emergent complexity and liquid brain systems) but also information theory and statistical mechanics (free energy principle in control).

My research finds application on domains like autonomous driving, a multi-agent problem where uncertainty and faulty decision making can be fatal, or architecture, where planning and control is applied in multiple scales (from ambient intelligence to urban planning).

Work Experience

Teaching / Workshops

Reviewer / Service

ICML (2020, 2021), ICLR (2021), NeurIPS (2021)

Exhibitions / Talks / Work Appeared

  • Nov 2020 Qualcomm, Amsterdam - Research Talk "Can Autonomous Vehicles Identify, Recover From, and Adapt to Distribution Shifts?"
  • Oct 2020 ETH, Zurich - AIA Symposium, Research talk "Towards an Autonomous Architecture"
  • Jan 2018 Research Values - panel talk, Transmediale, Berlin
  • Jan 2018 Research Values - panel talk, Transmediale, Berlin
  • Jan 2016 Filisia Interfaces, Bett Show, London
  • Oct 2015 Down To Earth, 66th International Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem
  • Aug 2015 Voice Booth, Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami
  • Mar 2015 Parallel Chance, FutureFest, London
  • Mar 2015 Parallel Chance, Tomorrows Transaction forum , London
  • Sep 2014 Cave of Sounds, 90db Festival, Rome
  • Mar 2014 Voice Booth, SXSW (South by Southwest) 2014 Interactive Awards, Austin, Texas
  • Apr 2014 Down To Earth, International Space Apps Challenge led by NASA, Dana Center, London.
  • Nov 2013 Cave of Sounds, Watermans’ Digital Art & Performance Weekender, London
  • Sep 2013 Cave of Sounds, V&A, Digital Design Weekend, part of London Design Festival
  • Aug 2013 Cave of Sounds, Hack the Barbican, London
  • Apr 2013 International Space Apps Challenge led by NASA, Google Campus, London