Sound Animats

Using artificial life simulations to generate spatial (3D) compositions. The first piece for 16 speakers, Sound Animats, was exhibited at Hackney Marshes in 2019.

Sound Animats - June, 2019

This work is a composition exploring ideas of spatial & procedurally generated music, influenced by the work of Ioannis Xenakis, Karl Stockhausen, Brian Eno and cyberneticians Norbert Wiener, Jon Von Neumann and Gordon Pask. Sound Animats, uses simulations of multiple artificial organisms interacting with each other, generating a “living” composition. The outcome of this process is an ecosystem of sound “creatures” which are present in space but not visible. Animats was presented as invited piece at field of sounds installation, curated by Kai Lab, London and artist Arthur Carabott. Field of sounds is an installation of 16 speakers placed in a four by four grid, where the audience is free to move in the space (depicted in the picture above).

The first experiment, exhibited in Hackney Marshes in 2019 as part of the field of sounds installation (, is a composition for 16 speakers organized in a four-by-four grid. The music was generated via a simple two agents simulation, where one agent was chasing the other.

Panagiotis Tigas
Hi, I'm Panagiotis, a DPhil student in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at the University of Oxford, UK ».