Sonified Body

Sonified Body is a research project using AI to create an instrument that transforms the moving body into sound in real-time, created by Tim Murray-Browne and Panagiotis Tigas.

Sonified Body was created by Tim Murray-Browne and Panagiotis Tigas. During our R+D residency we worked with the dancers Adilso Machado, Divine Tasinda and Catriona Robertson.

Sonified Body is a process to design a bespoke interactional language between human and AI. Conventionally, both machine and human communicate through the user interface, a manually designed attempt at a universal language. The choreo-linguistic interface is derived by training an unsupervised AI model on improvised, unstructured movement from one individual. We reroute the model’s latent representation of human movement as a general-purpose high-dimensional controller. The gestural language emerges at the intersection between the individual’s embodied movement vocabulary and the model’s capacity to represent it.

Dance and musical improvisation are innate forms of human expression unmet by existing paradigms of interface design. Our proof-of-concept “Sonified Body” translates movement into sound using an interface trained on Murray-Browne’s vocabulary of movement. The video documentation shows three dancers improvising in a dialogue with the system.

dancers: Adilso Machado, Divine Tasinda and Catriona Robertson

Panagiotis Tigas
Hi, I'm Panagiotis, a DPhil student in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at the University of Oxford, UK ».