Experiments with non-conventional music formats, like multi-channel compositions or multiagent based generative music. Mostly inspired by ideas of Karl Stockhausen.

Animats - June, 2019

The first experiment, exhibited in Hackney Marshes in 2019 as part of the field of sounds installation (https://kailaboratory.com/field-of-sounds), is a composition for 16 speakers organized in a four-by-four grid. The music was generated via a simple two agents simulation, where one agent was chasing the other.


Each agent/particle was influencing the location of the sound in the 3D space. To achieve this, each speaker volume was set to be inverse proportional to its distance from the agent/particle.


The simulation was conducted using https://p5js.org/ which was sending OSC messages to ableton live, controlling the volume of the corresponding speaker channel according the distance of the particle from each speaker.

Panagiotis Tigas
Hi, I'm Panagiotis, a DPhil student in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at the University of Oxford, UK ».