Hi, I'm Panagiotis, a PhD student in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems at the University of Oxford, UK.

My research interests include deep reinforcement-learning, human-computer-interaction, computational-creativity and privacy »

Projects & Work

Autodesk Research | Project Dreamcatcher
Generative Design & AI. Worked as a software engineer at R&D extending the multi-objective optimization pipeline and the application of topology optimization in real-world problems.
Filisia Interfaces
Tech led R&D. Filisia is a startup which builds technology that unleashes the creative potential of people with additional needs and makes training and therapies easy, engaging and fun.
Bing Autocomplete
Worked on contextual ranking & personalization for autosuggest. The work includes research and development of production code and data mining scripts.
Cave of sounds
Cave of Sounds connects music’s prehistoric origins with the technological radicalism of the music hacker scene. Eight bespoke instruments are exhibited in a circle. They are there to be played by the audience in an unmediated collaborative exploration.
Part of the cave of sounds project, I developed a wireless spherical instrument. This work has been presented with Cave Of Sounds in V&A London Design Festival, Barbican (London), NIME conference and CAOS museum (Rome)
Markov Jam
A research project in the field of real-time music improvisation. Used variable order Markov models and hidden Markov models to predict chord sequences on the fly.