I'm Panagiotis (pronounced panayiotis), a software engineer & data scientist with 5 years experience in Large Scale Machine Learning Systems. I'm currently working at Filisia Interfaces, a startup with a mission to create technology that supports the rehabilitation of people with additional needs through adaptive sensory interfaces and data insights. I past time I worked for Bing Search Engine, experimenting and developing on the contextual ranking and personalization layer, writing infrastructure code and data mining / machine learning pipelines.

I have an MSc (distinction) from University of Bristol on Machine Learning and Data Mining. My main research focused on how machines can improvise music and be creative. If you are interested, you can read about it here. I got my BSc in Computer Science from CS Department of University of Ioannina.

In my spare time I work for my label, Amplify Records or experiment with ideas on music, artifical intelligece or human conputer interaction. You can find several prototypes here.

In past time I got involved with Voice Booth, finalist of SXSW 2014, Cave Of Sounds, exhibited in Barbican and Victoria & Albert Museum, Down To Eath, finalist for NASA Space App Challenge 2014 and ScoreAHit.

You can also check my CV [last updated Jan 2017].

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